You handle the auto detailing. We handle everything else.

Absolutely everything you want and need to build and grow your professional car detailing business.

No setup fees. No subscriptions.

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Want to learn how to take your detailing business to 6-figures and beyond? This is a battle-tested playbook that gives you simple strategies that you can implement in you business immediately.

Ryan has taken all of the elements that turned Smartwax Pro into a 6-figure detailing business in a few short years, and distilled these into a playbook complete with templates, scripts, emails, checklists, hiring plans and job descriptions and everything else you need to build your detailing business into a juggernaut.

We will be releasing new plays regularly

Let's grow your business together.

That means more customers, buying more often, at a higher price point. And they are happy to do it 😎

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    Booking Website

    Your customers just want to book an appointment on their phone. Free them from the back and forth.

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    Profitable Pricing

    Services and packages that give you the margins you need to build towards the future.

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    Optimized Scheduling

    Get a scheduling systems that gets how you work to get the most out of your working hours. 

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    Confirm and Remind

    Don't leave your customers in the dark, send them well crafted confirmations and reminders.

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    Reviews and Follow Up

    After you've captured a new client, make sure they remain yours for a lifetime.

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    Managed Ad Campaigns

    With a website proven to convert, it's time to drive high-intent traffic for consistent bookings.

Not for hair cuts, massages, karate, or hot yoga classes.

You get a purpose build booking website for automotive detailing professionals.

$10,000 Custom Website

No design and build fee, it's included.

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Proven pricing strategies

Getting your pricing right guarantees you are on the path to success. We will make suggestions for services and pricing that are highly profitable and allow you to reinvest in your business.

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We've been running the HappyDetailer system since the beginning and we've consistently grown every single year. 

Sales since my 4th year have have all been in the six figures, each one better than the last. You should start now.

Chris Lorizio

Founder @ Smartwax Pro
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How We Got Here

I’m Ryan White, founder of HappyDetailer. After running my detail business for 7 years, I learned a lot about what I loved and hated about it.

I loved bringing the shine back to cars. I loved the look on my clients’ faces when their vehicles looked brand new again. I loved getting referrals when my clients couldn’t wait to brag to their friends about how good their cars looked. And of course, I loved being able to make some money in the process.

But in between all of that, I struggled too. I was having to answer the phone in the middle of a detailing job to try and book for another client. Ripping off my gloves to pull out my phone and open up the calendar and plan drive times and everything to get this added to the calendar. Forgetting to suggest other options and upgrades and losing out on revenue every single time. 

I was spending hours rescheduling appointments when it would rain. I didn’t always get the calls out to remind clients and would run into delays, crossed wires, and last-minute cancellations that would blow up my day.

And I would stay up late into the night reading blogs and trying to figure out how to build a website, run ads, and get more clients online.

I got out of the business 10 years ago, and ‘handed the keys to my detailing business over to my good friend Chris.

Since I transitioned into the tech world, I started using some of my newfound skills to improve some of these challenges in Chris’ day-to-day operations of Smartwax Pro. 

Like all good things, it all started pretty rough. We didn’t have a big budget to hire fancy software engineers and designers. So we rolled up our sleeves, stayed up late, and figured it out ourselves one piece at a time. But over time, it started to work.

Our booking system meant Chris started waking up to a calendar full of appointments that came in automatically and were pre-paid. The automated reminder system meant that there were fewer missed connections and more super happy clients. And with the booking system, every job he did was worth more, putting more money in his pocket for the same hours of work…Over time, I showed this system to a few other detailing business operators and learned that they struggled with the same challenges.

After we put it in place for them and saw it working, HappyDetailer was born. My goal with HappyDetailer is to help you grow your income and profits and give you back more time to actually enjoy those profits.

When you’re ready, there are 2 ways I can help:

  1. Get started with HappyDetailer
  2. Access my six-figure detailing business playbook

Scheduling that maximizes revenue

If we are going to help grow your business revenue, we need to be absolutely certain that we are getting the very most out of your schedule. Mobile or shop, your days will be profit perfect.

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Communication that makes customers happy.

More happy customers. More happy detailer.

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    Stand out from your competitors

    Your customers will thank you for receving clear, beautifully written and desiged messaging about their detail booking.

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    Give them a heads up

    Your customers are just as busy are you are. Do them the courtesy of a text and email reminder before their appointment.

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    No customer left behind

    Every customer you acquire is another building block in your long term success. Send they well crafted, timely messages that increase booking frequency and keep them customers for life.

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    Get more 5 star reviews

    In the mind of new customers, there is not much more important than unbiased reviews. Getting this right will jump start your success.

Ad campaigns that get bookings

When you partner with us you get a Google Certified advertising partner to run proven campaigns to your new booking website

$500 per month management fee

Nope, its included partner.

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We only win when you do.

This is partnership, not a subscription. We are fully aligned with your success so every service we offer and feature we build is grow your sales.


Stripe Fee + 6% per booking
Booking Website
Google Ad Management
Facebook Ad Management
Profitable Pricing Engine
Optimized Scheduling
Automated Email Notifications
Automated Text Notifications
Automated Review Engine
Long Term Follow Up Campaigns
Control Center Dashboard
Coming Soon
Customer Account Dashboard
Coming Soon
Channel Partner Management
Coming Soon
Real Time Dynamic Upselling
Coming Soon

Let's build a six figure detailing business. Together.

HappyDetailer is now onboarding a select group of detailing professionals in a closed beta period. Participants in this group will work directly with our team to make sure you are successful.

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